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The city of Aarhus

More about the city of Aarhus

Aarhus University’s main campus is in Aarhus on the Jutland peninsula. The city is situated by the sea with easy access to nearby woods and wetlands. Aarhus offers a wide variety of cultural attractions and a rich history dating back to the Viking age.

Youngest population in Denmark

With its large student population, Aarhus is the youngest city in Denmark measured in terms of the average age of its inhabitants. Aarhus has an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, thanks to its population of international university students and staff and the presence of the headquarters ofseveral global companies.

Modern city with historic roots and beautiful surroundings

The city is modern and accessible: a wide variety of hotels is located in the city centre, the infrastructure allows for easy access by car or train, and thetwo nearby international airports offer convenient flight connections. The conference venue is at Aarhus University’s main campus within walking distance of the city centre. A bus service will provide participants with transportation to and from the conference.

Should you wish to explore Aarhus, the city and its surroundings have a lot to offer. The historic city centre is home to some of the city’s most charming and interesting neighbourhoods, perfect for shopping or relaxing in one of the area’s many cafés. Several recreational areas, parks, sandy beaches and woods offer the opportunity for a stroll, or you might consider visiting one of the city’s many museums, such as ARoS, Aarhus’ museum of modern and contemporary art, the five-star open-air museum the Old Town, or Moesgaard Museum, which has archaeology and ethnography collections dating back more than 2000 years.

The river is back in town!

The historic downtown was established on the banks of the Aarhus River, which runs into the Bay of Aarhus, in the Viking era. The river was asphalted over in the 1920s. In the late ´90s, a project to reunite the river and the city was launched, and the river was uncovered.  Now a whole strip of cafés and restaurants has risen to line the new urban riverfront in an award-winning development that has opened the city centre up for pedestrians. A spring day by the Aarhus River with a cold draught beer and a bite of “smørrebrød” (open face sandwich) can easily turn into a lifelong love affair, not least if rounded off with a visit to the Concert Hall, a venue for local and international music events.

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